Are you looking for classroom activities to supplement your teaching of Skating Over Thin Ice? Here are a few to get you started.

Feel free to contact me with questions and suggestions. (I was a Grade Six Language Arts teacher once, too!)

Point of View 
Imagine scenes described by other characters, instead of the book’s narrator, Imogen…
PDF here

Work with a partner to create an interview for radio or TV with one of the characters (modelled on Nathan’s interview for SportsTalk Radio…)
PDF here

The World of Music
Research and learn about people, places and compositions from the world of classical music – and present findings in creative ways
PDF here

The World of Hockey/Sport
Research and connect with players, teams, events from the world of professional hockey (or other sport) – and present findings in creative ways
PDF here

Book Review
Book reviews are useful tools for readers. But do we all see books the same way? A writing and group comparison activity.
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