Larkin’s Shore

The setting of Larkin on the Shore is a small town on the north shore of Nova Scotia, looking out over the Northumberland Strait towards Prince Edward Island.

I know this place well, because I have a summer home in Pugwash and spend three or four months there every year. Larkin’s story was born there and written there. It’s a special place for me – magic, really. So here you go. Let me share some scenes from Larkin’s – and my – shore.

Yes, somewhere over there is Prince Edward Island…
My writing corner on the deck. As you can imagine, the view can be very distracting!
This little buddy came in from the Strait to sit on a rock and watch us…
And it’s pretty spectacular in the winter, too…
No words needed.
Out walking the sandbars, I turn around to look back at the land and this is what I see.
There is nothing like walking on the sandbars at low tide.
Kayaking with the seals. Yes, it’s a thing.