Come on in! You’ve found me at home, but I’m probably at my desk writing – so take a look around and learn more about my writing journey and my recently published YA novel, Skating Over Thin Ice. I’m glad you’re here!

Skating Over Thin Ice was nominated for an Ontario Library Association 2019
Forest of Reading Red Maple Award!

The Festival of Trees Red Maple ceremony took place on Tuesday, May 14 at Harbourfront in Toronto, and it was a cold, windy day – warmed by the enthusiasm of so many young readers, teachers, librarians and amazing Ontario Library Association staff and volunteers. Take a look:

My sign carrier and introducer (Camilla and Zaffy)
Red Maple authors Pam Withers, E. Latimer, Colleen Nelson, Kristen Ciccarelli, me, Eric Walters, Marsha Fordych Skrypuch, Kevin Sands (Wesley King and Lorna Nicholson were already off-stage, signing autographs!)
Readers (and teacher/librarians) Joanne and Valerie at the signing booth

Skating Over Thin Ice has been named to the USBBY 2019 Outstanding International Books List.

Here’s what REVIEWERS are saying about Skating Over Thin Ice:

“Skating Over Thin Ice is a wonderful read which is inspiring and uplifting.

It is refreshing to read a young adult novel which focuses on talent and growth and finding happiness rather than the dark issues and themes which are so often confronted in young adult literature.

Mills has created characters who resonate and who will be remembered long after the covers of the novel have been closed.” – CM: Canadian Review of Materials


“This quiet novel follows Imogen’s slow growth without resorting to loud emotional outbursts or jarring strife, and the relationship between Nathan and Imogen is more friendship than romance.”

“Different and moving.” – Kirkus


“Mills shines a harsh spotlight on the life of both young elites—expectations, grueling practice regimes, media pressure—and the tough emotional and physical toll it takes. A fairly slow-paced, psychologically probing look at what it takes to be the best.” – Booklist


“The characters are breathtaking, beautiful, strong, vulnerable, and complex. The plot weaves these two lives together exquisitely, like a spider’s web. The writing is accessible and elegant. The dialogue flows smoothly and draws the reader into the conversations. This is such a positive coming-of-age story about accepting change. I highly recommend this book to anyone 13 and up. It will draw you in, uplift you, move you, and maybe even change your outlook.” – Kids’ Book Buzz (written by 15-year-old reviewer)

Here’s what READERS are saying about Skating Over Thin Ice:

Skating Over Thin Ice, by Jean Mills, is a breath of fresh air in a YA market saturated with dark, post-apocalyptic content.  As someone who dedicates ten months of the year to looking for new literature that opens worlds, holds up a mirrors, or inspires kids to keep reading, I believe Skating Over Thin Ice has definitely made the cut.

Expertly written and highly charged, Skating Over Thin Ice has restored my faith that there are people out there who, like me, believe that kids these days are inherently good.  They just have a lot going on.” – Carey Gallagher, Assistant Upper School Head and Upper School English Teacher at St. John’s-Kilmarnock School, Breslau, Ontario


“Beautiful lyrical language that brings Imogen’s character to life through music. A well-crafted story that I know I’ll continue to inhabit for a long while even though I’ve already finished the book.” – Lisa Dalrymple, author of numerous books for kids including Jungle Jitters (Orca Books) and Fierce: Women who Shaped Canada (Scholastic Canada)


“I started reading and couldn’t put it down. It was such a pleasure to read such wonderful writing–and I loved the characters so much.” – Heather Wright, writer/editor, writing coach and author of Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens